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Apr 25/13 - Record Store Day onwards

Record Store Day and onwards. Well the 6th annual Record Store Day was last weekend and I hope you got out to support your local or favourite independent vinyl shop. A special thanks to all my regular customers, I hope you enjoyed the sale and the selection of limited edition records I mangaged to get. If it was your first time in, sorry if I didn't get to talk to you personally. It was crazy !!
Some of the hottest titles included releases by Cream, Bowie, McCartney, Miles Davis to name a few. With editions as small as 1500 worldwide on some titles, they are sure to be a cherished collectable.
If you have been checking the website often, you might have noticed that the new arrivals page has been added to at a furious ( for me anyways!) pace. I am now up to 9650 items on the site and am itching to crack the 10,000 barrier! Once I've finished the rock albums, I have to decide which category is next. Jazz or R&B, or should I do the imports? Please give me feedback either in person or via email (
New release vinyl continues to flood the market and as usual, some is good, some is great and some are shite. I'll do my best to stay away from the ones in the last category !
Concert season is heating up and the prices for tickets are rediculous in some cases. I have never seen the Rolling Stones so I poked around ticketmaster and even had pre-sale passwords. Best available; 5 rows from the ceiling at the ACC @ $270 a seat!!! For a laugh ( I almost cried) I tried best available; 9 rows up from the floor ( actually not bad by ACC standards) price $1248 for two !!!! WTF !!! For that price Mick and the boys can play in my store, greedy bastards.
If you get a chance, check out the line-up for the Kitchener blues fest, Savoy Brown, Otis Rush, Lighthouse, Shemika Copeland and tons more and all for free !!!
A well organized and great fest each and every year and you can't beat the price.
Back to the store and vinyl, I have managed to get an amazing private collection. So good that I can't afford to buy it all at once !The first batch have been cleaned and played and will be hitting the shelves in the coming days. Lots of Brit blues, guitar based plus some great psyche/hard rock. To top it off, I got some amazing audiophile pressings that will knock some socks off!! Floyd, Beatles, Steely Dan and more....
Sure hope summer comes, I'm sick of this coldness, although it's a good reason to stay home and spin some records.

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