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September 22, 2020
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Jan 26/15 - New release vinyl and great used record collections.

The Christmas holidays are long behind us now and the verdict is in; vinyl rules with record number of sales world wide. Our store was super busy and we'd like to thank all of our loyal & new customers. We are trying hard to be your vinyl and cd shop and really do appreciate you putting your faith and trust in our ability to get the rarest, coolest and best sounding vinyl in the GTA. Great collections are starting to come in including some great Smiths/Morrissey titles, some obscure punk and an extensive David Bowie collection soon to be hitting the shelves.

New audiophile lps from MFSL, Analogue Productions and Speakers Corner sound amazing.

I want to warn all readers, most of the new release vinyl on heavyweight vinyl is NOT being tracked properly by the cheap all-in one stereo systems. Stay away from these cheap crappy systems as you will be disappointed. Brands with issues are; Crossley, Ion and low end AudioTechnica. BE FORWARNED !!!

Yvonne and I haven't had a vacation in over 2 years so the store will be closed from Feb. 3rd to the 12th inclusive for short break.

Happy music listening, peace,



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