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November 22, 2020
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May 12/20 - Get the Record Spinning

Getting the record spinning;


The task of re-opening the store has begun. As it stands, the government is allowing limited retail for non essential shops which record stores fall into that category. While we might disagree, that’s for another day. Let’s just say that music is like a vitamin. Listen once a day minimum.

The store is open for curb –side pick up only, no “digging” the bins. We have over 14,000 lps listed on the website so search away, hope you find some ! The site is not e-commerce but we contact and arrange payments in person.

My new releases are not on, but I do have a fair selection of classic rock, jazz and blues re-issues along with a large audiophile section.  If you don’t see something, send me an email and I’ll answer ASAP with availability.

I will up - date soon and if you hear that Mr. Ford is opening up retail, rest assured, we’ll be open. Current hours are 11 till 3 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.



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