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November 22, 2020
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Jun 2/20 - Record Store Day Drops

Recordstoreday  “Drops”

I was looking forward to record store day last April, it even fell on my birthday. Then Covid-19 struck and wiped out many who stood in the way. Records didn’t seem important any more, staying alive was the main objective. Condolences to all who lost loved ones.

The re-introduction of Record Store Day (RSD) has been announced, it will be split over 3 days; August 29, September 26, and October 24 These “drop” days will feature approximately 1/3 of the total RSD. releases. I originally ordered hundreds of records, it will be interesting to see what the fill will be like. I am wrestling with how to host this event and what I will have to do to make sure we are safe distancing to make sure people are mindful of the covid-19 lurking in the shadows. Masks will be required, we have the sanitizer. I think we will allow 6 people in at a time to browse 3 “stations” of RSD vinyl. Shoppers will have 15 minutes and then take their choices to the cash counter. As they check out, another 6 will be allowed in.

Might seem like a lot of work but there will be cool titles like Billie Eilish, Yardbirds, Cure, Kinks, John Prine, Marley, McCartney and so many more, lots of collectible vinyl records. Check out the and make your shopping list. Rules will stay the same, no reserves, no holds, 1  per title per person ( to stop scalpers or EBay sellers jacking up prices)

More info to come,

Be safe, be careful


Peace, Ric

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