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June 6, 2024
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Apr 12/21 - Three Strikes

Three strikes – you’re out

We’re under the third lockdown and definitely not out. Covid is raging on and as directed by our local government we are not an essential business so we have to do curb-side only sales.

We have over 15000 titles in stock on the web and new product coming in weekly from Canadian and U.S. suppliers so there are lots to choose from. Some of the titles coming in include Dire Straits, Janis Joplin, Neil Young, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo and loads more. Audiophile rarities from MFSL, Analogue Productions, Impex Speakers Corner and more ! I have heard about slow shipping and lost products due to the added business of on-line shopping so we will not be shipping, sorry.

Sales are a bit slower than usual and I attribute that to no in store shopping. Store hours will be Friday and Saturday from 10 till 5 . Email me for any issues and we’ll work it out.

Patience, be safe, wear a mask and don’t kiss strangers  haha

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