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October 15, 2020

May 17/20 - On your Mark, get ready..

On your Mark, get ready, get set …Go


Well, the pause in retail is about to end and a safe start will be allowed. Thanks to our customers that took advantage of our “curb – side” option last week.

The store will re-open next Tuesday at 10 AM till 5PM, our regular store hours. Lots of records to look at and just as many to buy !

The covid-19 has taken it’s toll and there are new rules to observed when in the shop;

Maximum of 6 customers at a time, please be considerate to others waiting to come in

If you feel ill, go home or hospital, not the store !

No mask, no service

Use hand sanitizer ( at front door)

Maintain social distance ( 6 feet)

Please respect the government guidelines, these rules are for protection of all of us

We received one large lp order from the U.S. and have 2 Canadian orders pending so there should be a few new titles to see.

If the government issues orders to shut down, we will and will only be open when reasonably safe.

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