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Feb 21/09 - Blue note update, new releases, batteries recharged

I'm back from my first real (two week) vacation since 2001 and it sure feels good to get my batteries re-charged. A beach wedding and lots of sun were just what the doctor ordered !

My bride is the best, she even put up with me record shopping during our wedding preparations and honeymoon.

Visited 4 record stores and I don't want to seem a bragger but if my store ran like that, I'd be out of business a long time ago. No outer or inner sleeves on most records. Prices at or near "book" value for even ones that would not play even if you taped a quarter to the tone-arm!!

Unfortunately, I only came home with a few.

Regular visitors to the site might notice that there have been a lot of new additions to the site. In fact there has been well over 1000 added while I was away ( thanks Sean ) The rock & pop store inventory is now on up to the letter "G" They are not all graded yet as I asked that Sean not do it so as to keep the grading consistent with what I have been doing all along.If you see an lp that interests you without a grade, email me and I'll do it right away.

The Blue Note re-issues are in and the jury is still out on the quality. 12 titles were available and I'm happy to say that they are from analogue masters. That was the good news, now the bad; many of them are warped, possibly from being packed with a cd inside the jacket. The idiots at the label didn't think about this? They could have put the cd on the outside of the jacket and secured it with the shrinkwrap. Usually vinyl is a "one way" sale but my distributor will accomodate any unsatisfactory defects.

New titles to arrive on the rock front are; Bruce Springsteen, Derek Trucks, Mudcrutch live with U2 coming soon. Reissues back in stock are; Beach Boys Pet sounds, Band Music From Big Pink, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and Van Morrison Astral Weeks.

I'm grading as fast as I can and will try to get the entire rock inventory on the site ASAP so stay tuned....

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