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August 12, 2020
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Jan 19/10 - Web up-dates, new arrivals

A new year, a new blog. Wow, I'm bad at this but all I can say is I'll try to be more verbose this year. I guess you can call it a resolution as I've been known to break New Years resolutions.

A question I get all the time is; "Is the site up-to-date?" Not such an easy answer but I'll try.

As an lp sells, if it is on the site then it gets removed the same day. If I have a back up copy, then it gets played & cleaned if necessary and then assumes the item number. The conundrum is; is it a new arrival?Technically yes but my already slow process would almost grind to a halt so I don't count it as a new arrival. After all, the artist/title remained the same but some of the variables change such as condition,price and country of manufacture to name a few.

So if you only check my "new arrivals" page you may miss an lp that you were searching for in a certain desired condition.For example; Cream "Best Of" was listed at $18 for a VG+(+) Canadian original. It sold. The replacement is a U.S. original in VG++ condition for $25 This is listed with Cream albums, not on the new arrivals page. I hope this makes sense to you and that as mentioned above, check more than the new arrivals page if you are hunting for a specific album.

At the moment we just passed the 5000 mark of titles entered and with 20,000+ in stock ( just finished year end inventory) there are tons more to go.

As I type, I am looking at a cabinet of approximately 300 lps that have  just been cleaned/checked. These are truely new arrivals to the store that I have not had in stock either before or at least in many years prior to the database.

Last week I received some great sealed jazz titles from Germany, unfortunately for those of you on-line shoppers looking at this, some titles sold out the same or next day and I didn't even get a chance to put them on the "New Arrivals" page.

I will make an honest attempt at adding new stock to the "New Arrivals" page weekly and stay tuned for some real exciting ( to us) news in the coming month or so.

Since February is the anniversary of the 16th year in the current store location........

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