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August 12, 2020
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Oct 1/10 - New store location, new website

It's been a long time since the last blog and at least I have a legitimate excuse. We moved the store ( 20,000 + records) which was no easy feat. After 16 years in the old (tiny) location things got packed away almost never to be found.
Actually, I found some gems that I forgot I even had !! Beatles, Toto, Rod Stewart picture discs, imports and so many more.
The new store is over three times the size, it actually has 3 aisles and we now can display the genres that were hidden before. We now carry Pro-ject turntables, licensed T-Shirts and have boosted the new release vinyl section. Mobile Fidelity has been busy releasing lots of new titles and we have them. These MFSL lps sound great and are numbered so they are definitly limited editions.
Titles to look for by Ray Charles, Cars, Foreigner, Frank Sinatra and Little Feat to name a few. Lots of classic rock reissues on heavy vinyl and imported from Germany.
Visit soon, we think you'll be amazed. If you get a chance, find the latest issue of Good Life magazine. They did a 4 page feature article on the shop and shot some great photos!
Our new arrivals will start getting posted soon so check back often.

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