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June 30, 2020
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Apr 22/11 - Record Store Day and new vinyl collections

It's been awhile but we've been so busy with the new store. Record Store Day was super busy and we were lucky enough to get some rare releases just for the special day.
10" lps by Beach Boys, Metallica and Kings of Leon seemed to fly out the door. Limited edition 7" singles by Hendrix, Springsteen, Velvet Underground and others were close behind.
Since it was Record Store Day, we put all vinyl on sale. The perenial faves like Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin were scooped up quickly and many titles by those bands are now out of stock.
The very next day (Sunday the 17th) was the record show, which was celebrating it's 35th anniversary. It is billed as the "longest running record show in North America"and while it was quite busy, the buzz seems to have gone.
A trend I and many other dealers have noticed is that shows tend to be a flea market now, where they once used to be a showcase of truly rare records.
The following week ( last week) was unbelieveable. I had 4 seperate collections come in on Wednesday, two on Thursday and two on Friday. Maybe a 1000 records in all were bought. Some great blues and rare folk.
A few weeks ago we managed to get a great prog & psyche collection. Really cool stuff and rare Canadian titles as well.
I'm trying to get them out as fast as I can but cleaning & listening takes time...
New vinyl titles include Adele, Radiohead, Mumford and Sons, America, Stevie Ray Vaughan, XTC and more.
I support local shops, I hope you will too. Indie record stores are few and far between so hats off to the guys who started Record Store Day. It is for indies not chains like Sunrise or HMV.
The stores in Port Credit are bracing for the fight of our lives as news of a Walmart coming to town. When the petition starts, please sign it if you're in the area. Keep small shops alive and don't let "big box stores' shut them down.

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