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Nov 28/11 - Vinyl Scene and heard.

Vinyl Scene

So much has been happening, where to start? Record collections have been coming in at an unusal pace, almost one a day where great titles by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Stones and some rare psyche have been bought. The hottest sellers; Zep, Floyd, Beatles. Vinyl re-issues are being released at an unprecidented frequency since the 80's. EMI has decided to get on the bandwagon with a huge Pink Floyd campaign. Deluxe editions on CD with bonus tracks,special mixes etc come in lavish box sets. Vinyl records are also being pressed with mixed reviews. For the most part, these Pink Floyd re-issues on vinyl are digital re-mixes and I am trying to avoid them. If you want a digital mix, then buy the cd !
New music titles are available by Adele ( fantastic, don't miss this !) Tom Waits, Rush, J.J. Cale, Neil Young, Warren Haynes and so many more that we can't stock all of them.
This past fall, Yvonne and I had a vacation. We went to Ireland ( what else is new?) and London England. I managed to hit tons of record stores. The vinyl scene is alive and thriving over there but with the dollar exchange, there were only a few places that I could afford to buy stock to bring back. We did manage to come home with 4 over weight suitcases, jammed full of vinyl amongst the clothes. For the most part, these vinyl imports sound amazing and have been put on the shelves. Other used vinyl rarities include Rush's first on Moon records, It's All Meat, one of Canada's rarest psyche albums, and a Beatles Let It Be box set.
Anyone who has visited the store knows that I carry one of, if not the largest, new & used audiophile vinyl sections in Ontario. I am a MFSL ( Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) fan and new pressings are living up to their reputation as being top quality with amazing sonics. These numbered limited editions are selling briskly so don't hesitate.
On the accessory front, along with Ortofon cartridges, Pro-Ject turntables we have added the Spin Clean record cleaning system. This simple and relatively affordable record cleaning "machine" won awards from audiophile magazines and my customers agree that its a winner!!.
The store will be open 7 days a week from Dec. 1 til Dec. 24 so drop in for all your record collecting needs. Ric's Recollections store hours will be M,T,W,T, 10 am til 5 pm, Fridays 10 til 7, Sat 10 til 5 and Sun 12 til 4.
Have a safe and happy holidays, Yvonne and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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