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September 18, 2020
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May 18/13 - Kicking and screaming

Dragged kicking & screaming….not really!


Technology is changing so rapidly that I’m finding it hard to keep up. The music business is in dis-array and even a crystal ball wouldn’t help predict the future. While it’s true that vinyl record sales have increased dramatically, they will never take over as the dominant format. Proof of this increase is the number of phone calls I’ve had from guys wanting to sell records to make a “quick buck” These”cowboys” have bought collections from unsuspecting individuals for pennies and want to become record dealers. When I give them a brief explanation about running a shop, they both said it sounds like too much work! If you are buying vinyl, I urge you to support a store that cares about the music, not some “get rich quick” operation.

Digital downloads still account for most music purchases ( and rip offs !) but as I have previously mentioned, cloud streaming services is really starting to take off.

Many music business insiders have been saying for years that the album format is dead. These insiders urge musicians to release singles, one per week or one per month stating that end users can only digest so much. Their attitude is that we all have A.D.D.

In my opinion that is a half truth but the other side of the coin is that most albums released today don’t possess a common thread to link the songs or styles. The Beatles used to turn out 2 full albums a year, now most bands take 5 years to release an album. It flops, I wonder why? They honestly expect us to remember their last flop? Maybe the single is the only track worth listening to and you can download it instantly to your phone.

I recently got an iphone. I have not downloaded a custom ring-tone or any songs. I mean the phone is for phone calls right?

Remember when you actually talked to someone?

Kicking and screaming, I’m learning to text. Facebook still confuses me somewhat. Twitterverse, look out, I’ve joined. Follow me @ricsrec

If I don’t throw the phone into the Credit river first, I’ll be putting up an album of the day link and you can view them here #recordoftheday

I will try to keep them interesting and not just your common “no-brainers”

Please support our local Port Credit businesses, come down and enjoy the village and don’t forget all of our great festivals.

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