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October 24, 2020
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Mar 25/20 - Strange Days Indeed


Strange days indeed

AS we all hunker down and get used to the “new” normal, I thought I’d up-date what’s going on at Ric’s Recollections. I was gearing up for an exciting Record Store Day with hundreds of titles on order. That coupled with record labels pumping out product made for full shelves.

Long awaited audiophile records by Dire Straits on MFSL arrived and sold out within days. (second and third orders are gone)

I have more on order but are delayed at the border, The virus strikes again ! The Canadian dollar has plummeted and affects my costs and hence retails might have to change.

The store is closed and will remain closed until we get the all clear. No music is worth our lives so I ask customers to please be patient, enjoy the lps you have and start building a want list.

We have over 14,000 in our data-base and I am adding collectible Record Store Day stock from previous years. Orders on-line will be filled and filed and placed in a hold bin. Once we are back, we’ll contact you and get records to you. We feel blessed that we have such great customers, thanks to all…

Yvonne and I ask you to be safe and take care of loved ones and yourself



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