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October 24, 2020
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Apr 30/20 - So many Weeks

So  Many Weeks…..

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a fist like grip on the world and most if not all record stores were forced to close. One casualty was Record Store Day, scheduled for Apr 18, postponed till June 20 and now cancelled in the format we have all known and “loved”

There will be Record Store Day” Drops” with fewer titles released in a 3 month span beginning in August followed by same format September and October and hopefully a Black Friday spree in November.  Lots to contemplate and talk about.  As for right now……

Dire Straits MFSL (mofi) pressings are back in stock ! Along with those audiophile gems is Pet Sounds mono on Analogue Priductions, Twisted Sister on MFSL, Supertramp MFSL and a few more. I noticed that many U.S. stores are selling the MFSL box sets and titles are SOLD OUT

Price is through the roof on these OOP gems !

My Canadian suppliers have accepted my orders but shipments will be held until Mr. Ford allows retail shops to open. Stay tuned,  we’ll open asap



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