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January 21, 2021
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Nov 18/20 - Record Store Day Drops/Covid-19

Record Store Day/Pandemic
Lots going on and survival is the most important. Stop right now and promise yourself to look after yourself and loved ones. NO RECORD is WORTH YOUR LIFE so please take care.
Record store day happened with 3 “drops” instead of the massive one day event on April 18th. There were some great titles made available like Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Frank Marino, Grateful Dead, Hawkwind and lots more. Have a look at the new arrivals page as I will be adding new titles often. Next up is Black Friday and again I ordered lots but have no idea what and how many I’ll get.
The covid-19 virus has changed retail greatly. I can only allow 6 people at a time and masks are a must. ( turtle-neck sweaters do not count !) At the time of writing this blog , the government has been considering another lock down, The last one forced me to close the store for 2 full months, ouch. I am still trying to catch up as the bills still had to be paid, stock was still shipped ( even to my house !) To my customers, thanks so much for shopping local and helping us to weather the storm. I know Amazon and discogs is tempting but supporting an indie store really counts. Boxing day might not be possible, a descion will be made at a later date, definitely not like past years.
So, what’s new; XTC, John Lennon, Neil Young, Bruce Springteen, Rush, Rory Gallagher and countless others. As usual, we have loads of MFSL lps in stock. These lps sound amazing. I have been lucky enough to get a substantial (50s 60s 70s) jazz collection ( 100 + LPs), An audiophile collection (100+ lps), a psyche/prog collection and some rare classic rock titles that don’t show up often. I will have to move some stock around to accommodate these so best bet is it will happen in January, Stay tuned.
Again, thank you for your support. Please be careful out there, wear a mask, sanitize and keep the social distance.


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