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June 6, 2024
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Dec 4/20 - Covid19


Covid19 = Lockdown

You might have guessed it, but in case you missed the announcement, Mississauga and Toronto are under a lockdown meaning that non essential items and stores that focus on products non- essential are ordered closed.

The only way we can conduct business is curbside, where you inform me of your want, I get it and we use a credit card or cash for the transaction. My pos terminal is not wireless and I don’t want your pin  so we’re not using debit cards at the moment. A few steps  more and not as much fun shopping but it works. We’ve been testing/using it for the last few days.

New release vinyl is still coming in from suppliers including some rare black Friday titles. I’ve been trying to get more stock on the website. Too bad I’m a lousy typist LOL.

If you don’t see something listed, call (905) 891-1523 or email and I’ll gladly help look.

The special order date is Dec. 16th for items in the supplier warehouse

Store hours for the lockdown period will be 10 till 5 on Thursday, 10 till 7 Fridays and 10 till 5 on Saturday.

We will be closed Sunday, Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday.

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