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October 7, 2022
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Jan 4/21 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year, welcome to my nightmare

Are you sick of Covid-19 yet? It has wreaked havoc on life as we know it. Friends and loved ones passing without much of a chance.

We are blessed with some of the best customers and want to thank you for your support. They help keep the lights on and supply you with some of the best records out there. Curbside sales don’t allow the customer to do any “crate Digging” which is part of the experience. I have purchased some collections which will hit the shelf in a few weeks. Classic jazz pressings from the 50s & 60s, audiophile and some classic rock, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, doors and more.  I’ve been cleaning and listening to these and getting them ready.

I have always been a fan of audiophile vinyl after hearing the difference between domestic pressings versus ½ speed original masters. They do cost more and if you are going to “take the plunge” I suggest choosing wisely. Recently a guy asked if I could list the MFSL lps in stock, I did a count and have over 100  different titles in stock so the list will take a while to input. I just entered a couple of audiophile label pressings on the site.

I see no point in spending a lot of money on an album with limited dynamic range. For example, head banging thrash metal  will not benefit from audiophile pressing as the pedal is always to the metal. Of course this is just my opinion but if you get a chance, listen any of the MFSL Dire Straits releases. One word ; WOW !

AS turntables are getting better, the better vinyl pressings are easier to appreciate. More stores are carrying high end vinyl and some are actually bragging that 180 gram makes the lp audiophile ( not true)

I hope that we will be able to open our door to 6 shoppers at a time, soon. It worked well before the provincial lockdown, so let us continue. Say no to big box stores as they use any sales tactic they can !

Back to curbside sales. The store hours will fluctuate and I will be open from Tuesday to Saturday 10 till 5 (Friday 10 till 7) this week, Jan 5

Check back weekly either on web/blog or phone (905)891-1523



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