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Feb 17/21 - Should I Stay or Should I Go


Remembering a great Clash song ;

 Should I Stay or Should I Go

A good question for sure during these covid 19 times.  Small businesses have taken a huge hit and many dreams have been shattered as windows have been shuttered. We’re hanging on, thanks for asking but make no mistake, it’s been rough. Do I order stock when no one can shop in person? Do I count on on-line orders. Yes and yes were the answers I came up with. As it stands right now, we will be able to open next week with an occupancy of 6 people at a time, maintaining social distance and wearing a mask. These rules are a must and if you have an issue with them, then I’ll give you directions to voice your opinion.

I have lots of new stock including the Tone Poet series of jazz that everybody is raving about. That’s about 20 titles plus some verve audiophile pieces. Add to these some Mobile Fidelity  one-step box sets, pricey but oh so good ! These box sets are fragile and i would prefer in store pick up, they will get wrecked if shipped.  Cool rock in too, Rainbow, Tull, White Stripes, coloured vinyl Foo Fighters and more.

The last week of February sure looks busy , hope we can stay the course. Back to normal hours 10 till 5

See ya

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