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October 7, 2022
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Mar 6/21 - Open for Limited Business after 100+ days lockdown.


Have you heard the news?

Flash, this late breaking news just in….Mississauga is going grey which, in Premier Ford’s world, is partial business.

The new rules are maximum 6 people at a time with everyone adhering to social distance rules. Masks are a must and if you exhibit signs of a cold, don’t bother coming in, stay home and get well.

Store hours will be as always, 10 till 5 Tuesday through Saturday except Fridays till 7.

Now for the fun stuff; lots of sealed new lps, audiophile box sets, Tone Poet series of jazz, speaker’s corner and more. New albums by Neil Young, Tom Petty re-issues, Foo Fighters, Bill Withers and way too many to list. Add to the above about 250 used ( new to the store) lps including  vintage jazz and metal collections.

I’d like to thank all who came by and kept the vinyl spinning with curb-side purchases. It will be nice to have people in the store after 100 plus days of limited contact. Retail is now on the mend so time is right to support restaurants and live music if possible.

See ya on the flip side,


Ric & Yvonne

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