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June 6, 2024
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Jun 8/21 - RSD Record Store Day

RSD June 12


Well, the covid-19 is still raging with new threats almost daily so it’s a bit of a surprise that record store day is happening.

Rules are rules and I can’t afford the fines, so we will adhere to 5 people at a time to browse the bins. No mask, no entry & Please maintain social distances, leave the elbowing to the guys on the ice in the play offs. There is a lot of cool lps this year so expect a small line up to get some of the gems. I’ll list just a few to whet your appetites. A personal favorite, Steely Dan releases 2 full albums including a Grammy winner Steely Dan “Two Against  Nature” & “Everything must go” Grateful Dead 5 lp box set from legendary Paris shows, Joni Mitchell Archives, Tom Petty tracks from “She’s the One” and loads  more.

As usual, no holds, 1 copy of any given title per person. I would suggest making a list to make things go smoother. Focus on what you want or you might lose it, these are limited editions and very limited quantities.

Happy hunting,

Ric & Yvonne

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