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Nov 18/08 - Vinyl re-issues, new releases and Christmas

I know, I know, I'm the worst person for blogs. Never seems like there's enough time or I lack the motivation. With Christmas just around the corner record companies are pumpin' the product out left right and center. Remastered this, heavyweight that and any other catch phrase that they think you the customer will swallow.

Buyer beware, there's alot of garbage out there. Here's a few things you should take a pass on. Cheap Beatles imports offered by the major stores ( you know which ones I mean, after all, there aren't many left)

These lps are "re-mastered from digital sources for improved sound" or so they say in the fine print on the back. You want this? then buy a cd !!!

Capitol records are releasing some of the gems from their vault like; Beach Boys "Pet Sounds", the Band "Music From Big Pink" and Jimi Hendrix "Band of Gypsies" to name a few. In most cases they are from analog sources and initial reports are stellar sound.

Another new player on the market is Friday Music. They are releasing lps 1/2 speed mastered from original source. With a retail of around $35 they are quite good and although they have chosen some titles covered previously by Nautilus and MFSL, they are much more affordable.

Universal, not to be outdone by Capitol, are releasing lps with a sticker " Back to Black" commemorating vinyl's 60th anniversary. Jimi Hendrix "Axis Bold as Love" is an example from this series and even has an "All Analog Pressing" sticker on it.

New releases by AC/DC, Metallica, Oasis,Jakob Dylan, Brian Wilson and others are now in stock at the store.
I hope that the powers that be at the labels think about what they are going to release and don't waste time giving a deluxe treatment to Millie Vanilli or Wayne Newton!!

Please support your local record store and stay away from the mall chain stores. Remember, it's the independent stores that have kept vinyl alive and many of us are doing what we love, god knows we'll never get rich at it !!!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, be safe, be generous to the less fortunate.

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