Last Updated
June 25, 2024
Welcome to Ric's Recollections!

Whether you are a seasoned audiophile, avid vinyl collector or just starting a record collection, you will find a large variety of lps to suit most tastes. We have 1000’s of titles in stock in almost every category; rock, jazz, blues, R&B, soundtracks and many more. Our retail record store has been open for over twenty years in Port Credit. Recently, we just re-located one block west and now have over 3 times the space. With 1000+ square feet we have increased our selection by adding new genres such as country, pop vocal, classical and international to name a few. Selling vinyl lps and cds in the greater Toronto area (GTA) for over twenty years we have established ourselves as having the largest selection of new & used audiophile vinyl in the region.The increased space has also allowed us to start carrying some accessories such as T-shirts and are now proud to carry Pro-ject turntables along with the regular items such as cartridges, brushes and vinyl record cleaning fluid.

We take great pride in the selection and quality of our product.

Before we sell any of our lps we play them for sound quality & clean them on professional machines if necessary. Being avid collectors we find one of the most frustrating things is bringing home an lp that appears near mint and it sounds like a bowl of rice krispies with surface noise. The odd pop and tick are usually inevitable with used lps but we try to keep it as noise-free as possible. Utilizing a Rega Planar 2 or a Linn LP 12 turntable, most flaws are readily found.

New "audiophile quality" LP pressings are becoming available and while we can't stock all of them, we do try to stock ones that truely deserve being re-pressed. We advise customers to beware of ones that are digitally remastered.

Due to popular demand from D.J.s and jukebox owners, we now carry a selection of 45's covering many genres. There are approximately 1,000 in stock, all hand cleaned with prices from $1.00 and up. Collectable picture sleeves are also featured with about 40 displayed at all times.

On the CD front, we carry about 3,000, focusing on classic rock, blues and jazz although other genres are represented as well.